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Newsletter 156 – 09.21.2023

At the beginning of the 90s we started a family business dedicated to exporting fruits, vegetables and their by-products. To get to know the markets, we subscribed to different foreign publications.

The entrepreneurship in its original conception did not prosper. So, and given the lack of information that we detected in the sector, we decided to change course, reconvert and provide an information service that continually evolved.

The beginning was not easy at all, we learned a lot, we made our mistakes, but step by step we moved forward. Initially we provided prices with minimal analysis. We contacted different Argentine fruit exporting companies; our first client was Tres Ases SA in 1993. The information arrived by postal mail! And we faxed the weekly reports! Wehad to send page by page, to each client, and this was done at night, because the telephone rate was cheaper. Imagine 10-12 sheets per client, 10-15 clients at the beginning... This began at 10 p.m., and finished at 1-2 in the morning. Hard times! As technology evolved, the issue of receiving and searching for information and also sending it became easier...

In the 30 years that we have been present, we have witnessed the evolution of the Argentine fruit sector: boom and bust, company merges, etc. The macroeconomy evolved, globalization also reached the fruit sector and us. We go out to participate in numerous conferences, conferences and seminars inside and outside the country. This allowed us to open up to the world and start offering reports to foreign clients. First it was our neighbors who were interested in the same products, but gradually clients from the northern markets joined: Europe, North America and recently Asia.

The fruit trade expanded, the seasons of different regions began to overlap, new players joined the business. Therefore, in order to better analyze the evolution of the markets, it was necessary to monitor them throughout the year and report not only the campaigns of suppliers in the southern hemisphere, but also those in the north.

Being constantly attentive to the markets, analyzing the behavior of different fruits, led us to become increasingly “fruit market specialists” and national references. Therefore, in parallel with our weekly reports, we have incorporated other business units, which enhance each other: we have done special work (market studies, strategic analysis, market intelligence, etc.) at the request of some public institutions and also private companies, both Argentine and foreign ones. We have also done several consumer research. All of this greatly enriched our analysis and vision of the sector.

Throughout these 30 years, the people who were our contacts in companies and institutions have retired or changed companies. We witnessed important changes in companies and personalities in the sector.

Top Info has not been immune to these changes either. For many people, working at Top Info has been their first job. Luckily, we already have a new generation of people, who work alongside us, show us the point of view of the young generation and help us quickly incorporate the technological innovations that emerge.

Finally, we want to thank all those who, throughout these 30 years, have trusted us in one way or another: our current clients, those who were clients, our information providers and contacts abroad, and all of our internal collaborators.

All of them, together, form this great community, almost a big family, which is Top Info Marketing S.A.

Authors: Ing.Agr. Betina Ernst and Ing.Agr. Nicolas Szentiványi